Description of Architectural Services

In general, I feel it is in everyone's best interest to provide full Basic Architectural Services, as this delivers the most complete project. Below is a brief summary of these services and procedures.

Programming involves working with the Owners to describe and write out the requirements of the project. This includes such things as descriptions of preferred finishes and architectural character, spaces and sizes, budget, and schedules. This is also the time that I gather all the necessary information on the site such as surveys, utilities, and covenants. The program gives us the criteria which guides our design.

Schematic Design involves general planning and design of the house and site, usually at a scale of 1/8 inch equals one foot. During this phase the aesthetic of the project is set. Drawings typically include a site master plan with schematic landscaping, floor plan and exterior elevations or renderings, which study views, access, circulation, space planning, size, scale, character, massing, structure and cost,and an outline specification.

Design Development sets the character and finishes of the project, through interior elevations and sections.Drawings are enlarged to 1/4 inch equals one foot. This phase describes the complete project, including materials and finishes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical. The outline specification and cost estimate are updated.

Construction Documents turn the design into working drawings which precisely define and detail the scope of the work. I also prepare a project manual, which describes bidding procedures, general conditions of the work, and detailed specifications for all materials, products, and construction methods.

Negotiation Phase The contract documents are given to a few pre selected contractors. I am available to clarify the contract documents, and to assist in negotiating the construction contract between the Owner and Contractor.

Contract Administration includes visits to the job site as often as necessary to establish that the project conforms to the contract documents. I am available to resolve problems, clarify intent, and to determine that the quality of the work is acceptable. I also review and approve pay requests, submittals and shop drawings, and project close out. All changes in the contract are approved by the Owner, Architect and Contractor. Proper execution of this phase is important, to ensure the quality of the finished product.

The fee for that is required to provide this level of services is based on my experience in tracking the time spent on previous projects. And comparing it to the requirements of the project as described by the client.

Finally, designing and building a house requires thousands of decisions. I try to make those decisions with you, not for you. I will present you with thought out ideas and alternatives, demystifying the process of design, which will enable you to make intelligent and informed decisions.