building as inspiration

palimpsest: "A parchment which has been written upon twice, the first writing having been erased to make place for the second". A layering of place, history and use into a contemporary contextual framework.

people: As individuals we carry a memory of the buildings and spaces we have seen and occupied. As architects we include the clients, bringing their ideas and images to the spaces that we construct. The use and function of the space, the sense of physical presence, both past and future, put the client within the space, from a particular placement of a window framing a view, to a subtle texture on a curving wall.

place: The southwest landscape offers a rich heritage of vernacular forms, from the prehistoric cliff dwellings,and the Anasazi Pueblos, to the historic churches throughout New Mexico. It is a dramatic landscape which requires buildings to respond, both in form and character. We work both with the layer of History that runs through the landscape as well as the drama and severity that the landscape affords. The building must combine these elements, as well as a contextual framework in use and form, to create a meaningful collaboration between the building and its site.

building: The human scale, the basic elements of wall and enclosure are another layer on which the functions and activities of building are constructed. The path through and around, the linear wall that runs over and behind are components that bring the use and function of the building to light. Historic notions of place and form combine to work both with the particular functions of a building and its overall shape.

Depth of Meaning: Combining the elements into an architecture that inspires, full of the accommodation and wonder which enhance daily life.